Acrylic & Hard Gel Nails


I offer both acrylic and hard gel - what's the difference?! They can both be used to extend the nails and the final look is the same but one is with liquid and powder, the other a gel that sets under a lamp. I use a high end drill - only on the nail extensions NEVER the natural nail. 

My nail designs, colours and products to offer are ever changing, developing and always on trend, to provide you with the best products, quality and service. I'm always asked what my first passion - nails or beauty, well it's nails xx

Gel Polish


IBD Gel colours are amazing, are 100% pure gel that polish on and lasts for weeks!


Very similar to Shellac, but better!


They don't lose their shine or chip.


They set and dry in minuets under a UV lamp even protecting your natural nail.


Ideal for people on the go - which colour will you choose?!


(professional removal is highly recommended)


Shellac Nails


Works like a gel but applies like a polish!


I love Shellac because it is completley nail friendly - no drilling, no filing and no risk of horrid nail infections! 

Wearing Shellac, your own nail grows naturally, keeping strong, so when removed you aren't left with thin, paper like nails that you need to cut off immediately!


Application only takes 30 minutes with zero drying time, so say goodbye to smudges!

Shellac lasts 14 days without chipping and retaining its mirror shine finish, great for those hard working hands.


Have beauitful hands and feet for up to 2 weeks and choose from a wide range of colours.


Professional removal is highly recommended

Minx Nails 


Make Me Up have many designs to choose from so your nails will look as individual as you are!


This service includes a mini manicure to ensure your nails look amazing with your new design.


This service takes 15 - 20 mins.    

                                                                  Book your Minx nails now!



The original nail care system. Nailtiques is a luxurious manicure and pedicure nail treatment.


All products contain a unique combination of natural proteins and conditioners which promote healthy nail growth.

Whether you have neglected nails, or simply want a maintenance programme to keep your nails in tip-top condition all year round, nailtiques has the treatment for you.


The nailtiques range has been formulated and designed to work together as a total manicure and pedicure regime. The products complement each other, all with an individual role to play in the whole procedure. nailtiques uses ingredients that work in synergy with the natural make up of the nail and contains a combination of natural proteins and conditioners to nourish the nail. The range's moisturising treatments re-hydrate and recondition the nail, cuticle and surrounding skin.